Color is a Journey

I’m blessed to have clients that understand that title. I’m thankful that through showing pictures and descriptions, more and more people understand that it’s usually not possible to achieve exactly what they desire in one sitting. Could it be? Yes. But at what cost? Let’s break it all down.

I specifically tell new clients that their “hair goal” may take several sessions to achieve. If you have ANY kind of previous color on your hair, it’s going to take extra time to lift through it. If your hair has high porosity, its going to take time. If your hair has chemical damage, its absolutely going to take time. Have I had clients, with previously colored hair, lift perfectly? I have. But it’s rare!
Porous hair is broken down into three categories: low, medium, and high. Porosity simply means how much moisture your hair can retain. Chemical processing and excessive styling heat can change this, and sometimes your porosity is hereditary.
1. Low: the cuticle of the hair is flat, and even though it can be more difficult for moisture to get into the cuticle; once it does, it will not escape. So that conditioning treatment, those creams and oils you’re using, will last!
2. Medium: the cuticle of loose, but it easily accepts moisture. This is the most ideal kind of porosity: easy to manipulate, but healthy enough that with proper care, it will remain strong!
3. High: the cuticle is completely open, making it impossible for moisture to be retained. This means that color will grab very quickly, appearing too dark; and then shortly thereafter will be pushed out again because the cuticle has too many holes for it to pass through. Zero retention.

If none of that made sense, think of your hair as a door with a screen door. Low porosity, the front door is slightly cracked. It’s hard to get a breeze through, but it is possible to feel the air. Medium porosity, the door is ajar, but the screen door is closed. Allowing the breeze to freely flow through. High porosity, the screen door, and the door are wide open. Air rushes through, but there’s no boundary to control the air flow, or the bugs!

My first concern has been, and will always be, keeping the integrity of the hair healthy. If someone sits down in my chair, and wants a drastic change; it can happen, but over time. I never promise to deliver the exact picture they showed me. “Pinterest hair” (as I call it) is usually edited, or the tone isn’t actually what it appears to be. Further than that, I’m not that stylist and can’t recreate the exact image because I don’t know what they did! That’s why I use the term “hair goals” because it’s something to aim for, but my clients are aware it will not be a replica!

Over the course of 3 years, we had fun along the way. Not pictured: pink and lilac!

“Good hair isn’t cheap, and cheap hair isn’t good.” It’s a motto that I repeat to clients all the time. Does that mean, that as stylists, we are trying to get more money out of you? Absolutely not. It means that I care about you, and the health of your hair, and I will not push it past the limit. I’m blessed with clients who trust me, implicitly. And know that I will always do what’s best for the hair. I will also tell you “no.” If I know its not achievable, or if it will clash with your skin/eye tone; I will always be brutally honest. Because, again, your hair is more important to me, than money.

Subtle changes during appointments can make a huge difference.

Another thing I tell new clients, “we’re on a journey together. This is a working relationship, which means communication has to happen.” Relationships are a two-way street. Confusion can easily happen from behind the chair, to in the chair. If someone’s confused, or unhappy, or concerned; I want them to speak up! And I will always take the time to listen and explain.